A special message from TUAMOR THE TURTLE


Tuamor the Turtle sketches for colouring in
Original story by Jo Earlam and illustrated by Mark Hannon
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From: Tuamor the Turtle
An Island
In the Pacific Ocean
The World
April 22nd, 2020

To: Kids Everywhere
The World

Hi Kids,

Gee whizz, you and your grown-up-tall-people are having a tough time right now, with that virus that’s sweeping across the planet.

It made me think again about the shiny alien monsters that swirl around in the seas where I live. They’ve caused real harm to my family and friends and were the reason I wrote a message, simply asking: “Love our world,” and sending it back in one of them.

Some of you will know me from that letter, first published five years ago in the book Tuamor the Turtle. Thousands of children have read it at home and in schools, learning about the plastic pollution problem in our seas and oceans. They’ve even written to the British Prime Minister and the Queen of England to tell them!

If you’ve just clicked on to my website, this might be the first you’ve heard of me. I’m a special kind of sea turtle, with an island home in the Pacific Ocean.

Most turtles spend their lives swimming…it’s great when you can find clear blue water, but often we become sick if we meet the plastic peril. I came out of the sea to write that letter after losing friends and family who were dear to me.

I’m aware that in your world now there’s lots of suffering, among grown-up-tall-people most of all, especially those who’re older or a bit poorly. But there are many clever and kind grown-up-tall-people working hard to make things right again.

It means you having to stay at home more, as that’s the best way to sort this out. It’s going to take some time before your world settles down and you can do all the things you used to enjoy like days out at the beach, my favourite too, and the ones you perhaps don’t so much like going to school, groan!

That’s why I’m launching Team Tuamor, a network of caring kids on what's the 50th anniversary of World Earth Day. It's for kids who're like me, and believe in a better future for all life on earth. There are new resources on this website, YouTube and my Facebook page, which your grown-up-tall-people can look at - these are all in the Team Tuamor section a bit further down on this page.

My message, read by Jo, who wrote the book Tuamor the Turtle, is on video. Mark, who’s great at drawing and illustrating, shows you how to draw a turtle and how he created all the wonderful pictures to go with Jo’s words.

To get Team Tuamor underway I'm asking children everywhere to colour the world with turtles, as we're a sign of peace and good luck, something all of us could do with right now. You can download Mark's original sketches from the book and colour in, or do your own artwork. Try for fun at home or ask your parent or guardian to send a copy of your picture by email to me at contact@tuamortheturtle.com. Entries close on World Turtle Day May 23rd. Prize winners announced on World Ocean Day June 8th. Click here for more information.

You can follow my story as Jo reads it aloud if you buy a Kindle or ereader copy of the book from Amazon for £1.99. You can still purchase a paper copy from the website Buy a Book page. Fifty pence from each paper copy goes to support the work of the Marine Conservation Society, one of the leading organisations helping turtles and other sea creatures. They have many online resources on their website.  

There’s a short video linked to my book on YouTube about how plastic travels around the oceans, how it affects sea creatures and why turtles are so fantastic!

These will help you keep learning at home, with the help of mums and dads, your teachers and in digital classroom lessons.

When I wrote my letter, I was in despair about the amount of plastic in the water. So much has changed in recent years with grown-up-tall-people understanding more about the problem and doing their best to make our seas cleaner… now I feel real hope.

I’m sure your world will get better too. Keep smiling guys, be good for your grown-up-tall-people and welcome to the team!

Love Tuamor X​