Tuamor the Turtle has been a big success at primary schools across Devon. Jo and Mark have done a number of presentations - and the response from children has been amazing. From the range of questions children have asked about pollution and marine wildlife, to the poems they've written and the paintings they've created, they have really taken Tuamor's story to their hearts. Flick through our school visits photo gallery below, which we're adding to all the time. Here's some of the lovely work the children have done and examples of feedback we've had so far ...

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more feedback from readers...

From Monika Sarhan, teacher at Hyde Park Junior School ... We are so grateful that Jo and Mark made themselves available to spend the whole day (between them) with our 90 Year 5 children to kick-start our 7-week English unit based on 'Tuamor the Turtle'. We chose the text as it links brilliantly to our topic, 'How Much Does the Environment Matter?' and is simply a beautiful story with a very important message. The children enjoyed a morning of finding out what being an illustrator involves and even got to do some drawing of their own, with a demonstration and tips from Mark, which was pretty special! We even got to keep his demonstration sketches, which we are going to frame for display in school! The children, excitingly, were the first to watch a captivating animation created for the story by Mark and learned all about the impact of plastic, particularly plastic bags on marine animals, as well as lots of interesting facts about turtles! They even had the chance to share their ideas for 'Tuamor 2' with Jo and receive writing tips when writing their own versions. Jo was also kind enough to lead an assembly for our Year 3 and 4 children, which they thoroughly enjoyed! Thank you so much for a fun, inspiring and educational day! 
Patrick at ​​Buckfastleigh Primary wrote this letter as if it was from Abbie, in the story... "Dear Tuamor the Turtle, It​'s a year since we met, through your letter. Charlie, my brother found it. It was a breathtaking letter and nearly made me cry. The sadness of the sea, with all these uncaring people not minding where they put their rubbish. We put up posters to warn them about the consequences of pollution. Thank you for that letter it really made a difference. From the 'rubbish army', Abbie."

The story is also being enjoyed outside of school hours, these are just some of the comments we've received ... 

Eleven-year-old Tarryn wrote: "Sad, gripping, great use of SOS, Save Our Species. Shows how people are not that different to animals. How people should clear up the beaches and oceans. Great at re-using a picture to get your point across. Overall sad but a great and powerful ending."

Chris Woodcock, from Sidmouth, has enjoyed reading it to grandsons Theo and Kimi, aged six and four, also Joseph, six and granddaughter Jessica, three.

Lisa Williamson, from Tipton St John, read it to her daughters. "They loved it," she said. "And they asked lots of questions at the end."

Diane Milton, from Exeter said: "What a lovely book. I was enthralled."

Angie Thorpe, from Lewes, in Sussex, said: "I got goose pimples at the end. It is beautiful and a very powerful message. I love the illustrations too - they are so appealing."

And this 5 star review was posted on Amazon: "My three girls aged eight, five, and three loved this book. It is very educational as well as a great story with fantastic illustration. Read many times."

Amanda, from Portsmouth, received the book as a gift. In a message titled: "Love it, love it, LOVE IT!" she wrote: "I was looking to buy your book for myself but was surprised by Jess at Christmas with not just your book but a signed copy! Your lovely human friends had gone out of their way to sign it for me. I was so chuffed. Thank you so very much. xx"


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At our visit to Priory RC Primary School in Torquay ...Pupils wanted to know why turtles weren't stung by jellyfish when they eat them, and whether jellyfish get confused by the floating plastic bags bags. There was also a good debate about whether mankind or the elements, like wind and tide, were responsible for waste polluting our seas. And the conclusion was that waste needs to be secure. To further promote the story, the children felt a funky turtle rap would be a great idea.
Year 6 pupils at Cranbrook Primary School wrote this poem called Protect Our Planet when Jo visited on World Book Day 2016...
Please protect our planet. It would be a ginormous help.
You may just harm the sea creatures, for the sake of your own wealth.
Our environment needs protecting. It needs protecting fast.
If you be mean, then go and clean the rubbish you have made.
It isn't nice to be a guy who wants to hurt our world.
There's only one earth, so protect it with pride, or our planet might demise.