How to get your copy of tuamor the turtle

Copies of Tuamor the Turtle can be ordered from any bookshop quoting the ISBN number 978-0-9931883-1-2.  The recommended retail price is £5.99. Some bookshops may set a different cover price. You can order and buy 
​online through PayPal by clicking the Add to Cart link here.The price is £5.99 per copy, plus £2.00 postage and packing, in the UK. Fifty pence of each book sold through this website will be donated to our charity partner, the Marine Conservation Society. The book is also available on Amazon. And if you buy it direct from the Marine Conservation Society, they will receive £2 for every copy they sell. Visit the charity page for more details.

Price £5.99 plus postage and packing as below 1 book International/overseas £10.99 GBP 2 books International/overseas £18.49 GBP
Price including postage and packing UK and Ireland Two books £16.50 GBP

Jo and Mark have a second book, which can also be ordered direct from this page.

It's called 'Archie Space Dog!' and is a 32-page, fully illustrated story about a little terrier with short legs and a funny face who dreams of going to the moon. Written by Jo about her own terrier Archie, it's a tribute to all the dogs who went to space as part of the bid for man to reach the moon.

Copies are £8.99 including post and packing for one book, £16.50 including post and packing for two books. A PowerPoint presentation is available for schools. Email Jo direct for details at