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​Please protect our planet. It would be a ginormous help.
You may just harm the sea creatures, for the sake of your own wealth.
Our environment needs protecting. It needs protecting fast.
If you be mean, then go and clean the rubbish you have made.
It isn't nice to be a guy who wants to hurt our world.
There's only one earth, so protect it with pride, or our planet might demise.

​​​School VISITS

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Tuamor the ​Turtle Plastic Storyboard

Tuamor's story has reached out to people across the world, including others who are working hard to raise awareness about turtles. One of the friends Tuamor has made is American turtle photographer Julie Suess, whose amazing photos are in the gallery above. She has lots more photos on her website - Julie Suess

Feedback - take a look at what people say about tuamor & our school visits

If you’ve read the book – whether on your own, with family or in school – you may have some thoughts about the issues it raises. Here are some questions which were raised during Jo's Tuamor school visits. What do YOU think about these points?​

​​Tuamor has a very special name. Each letter in his name is the first letter of a word and when you put them all together, they spell out a message:  

Try Using All Means Of Recycling


Tuamor talking points

Our Tuamor the Turtle schools tour has taken us to primary schools across Devon and with our exciting partnership with the Marine Conservation Society, we're hoping to get to as many schools as possible. Get in touch if you'd like to know more. ​​Visit our School Visits & Feedback page to see what teachers, parents and children have said about our visits so far and to view a photo gallery. We love this poem called Protect Our Planet, written by pupils at Cranbrook Primary School on our visit there on World Book Day 2016...

1) How does plastic get into the sea? Is it our fault? Or are winds and tide movements to blame?

2) What could we humans have done to prevent the problem of plastics in our seas. Or was there nothing we could do to stop it?

3) Abbie and Charlie don't drop rubbish but they learn something from Tuamor's message. What do they learn?

4) Was Tuamor right to send his message back in a plastic bottle? What else might he have done? 

5) What have you learnt from Tuamor's story? 

6) What other dangers do sea creatures face because of our actions? What might a second story from Tuamor be about?